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One of our DBS certified staff members will come out to your setting and work with you to determine the colour scheme and design you want.

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  • Duration: 00:15 Hours


Our mission is to provide an affordable, professional and convenient decorating service to nursery settings throughout the UK.

We understand the importance of a child's environment to inspire and allow them to thrive and excel, however we also understand that decorating operational nursery settings can be a extremely hard job to fit in - hence why we offer the unique opportunity to have all of the work completed outside of the nursery opening hours.

This means you can choose areas to be completed over the weekend and have it decorated, cleaned and ready for the Monday morning.

We also have lots of great references throughout the UK to hand.

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For the Budget package we will come in and just paint the walls. No ceiling work, no remedial work and no woodwork.

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For the Standard package we will come in and first conduct remedial work, then paint the ceilings and finally paint the walls.

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For the Deluxe package we will come in and first conduct remedial work, paint the ceilings, then paint the walls, and finally paint any woodwork in the room e.g. skirting boards and doors.

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